Smile = Good Feelings

Palm Beach County South Florida Caregivers

I had just learned a card trick that would make it seem as if I pulled a single card from the air when I visited an elderly man at an assisted living facility in Palm Beach County, Florida. He had been a "serious man" all his life so when I asked his son if his dad ever liked magic, his fiercely shook his head and said, no. I asked the son only to show him that when seniors have far progressed with Alzheimer's disease, they become entertained again by the small things we take for granted as adults. So I placed a blank palm before the elderly man's eyes for a few seconds... and then I pulled the card from "thin air" and the man's mouth immediately widened into a toothless grin. I did this five separate times within the hour and he smiled each time, holding that expression for a few seconds each. That was five more times he smiled that day than if I hadn't done the card trick.


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